Coil Factor - Amplified Alien Coil Sets(Black and Gold)

Coil Factor

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Coil Factor - Amplified Alien Coil Sets


Amplified Aliens set - 3*28/36 Twisted Messes Ni80, 3mm ID (wrapped for a 2post block design) , 0.25 ohms Single (resistance may vary based on leg length). 


The King Of Flavor!! Our Amplified Aliens are prestigious for their amazing flavor and longevity and were designed to work with your favorite 2block post design atomizers such as; The Wasp Nano/RDTA , Serpent SMM, Amit 25 Single etc. CoilFactor coils are 100% safe to use on unregulated and Full Mechanical devices (use at your own risk - always puls on a regulated device and use a safe battery for your mechanical devices) 


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