We are always open to and willing to consider your case in the event of a wish for the return or exchange of a product purchased at our store, either online or retail.

  • We regret that we do not accept returns for/on any E-liquids.
  • All hardware items sold via our online or retail store(s) carry a 3 month limited warranty.
  • Please carefully read through our policy conditions, as stipulated here-under.
  • Please note, The Vapery will automatically assume, unless stated or agreed upon otherwise beforehand, that the above Refund / Returns / Warranty / Exchanges policy has been accepted by the Customer, and that the Customer further agrees to the terms as laid out within.

Return of Defective Products:

Returns of any defective products are entitled to a replacement only during the manufacturer’s warranty period and in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty return policy. Please note that in certain cases, the Customer may be liable to process warranty claims directly with the manufacturer.

General Returns:

If a client is not satisfied with a purchase, it can be returned (at the discretion of The Vapery) within seven days of the delivery for a full refund, less any shipping costs and a 15% handling fee. Full refunds will only be issued if products are returned unopened, and with all packaging and any other materials that were part of the original purchase.

Should an opened, but unused product be returned, a 25% re-stocking fee will be charged, provided that all the original packaging, accessories and all originally supplied materials are provided with it.

Should an opened item be returned without some or all of the original packaging and materials, The Vapery fully reserves the right to, at its sole discretion: Either reject the return, or levy an additional fee.

A slightly 'humorous' but relevant way of considering our line of business, by using another scenario for comparison: 

(Relevant, as we will also compare hygiene, and general retail store 'unhappy purchase return' ethics)

Let us imagine that one goes into an 'adult store'. One browses around - then, looks at, examines and perhaps even holds in your hands a specific 'adult toy'. One then further decides to purchase this said 'adult toy', and returns home. 
An hour or two, or even day or two later - one decides that one actually does not 'like' or 'want' to keep the recently purchased toy, so one returns to the 'adult store' in hopes to return it for ones money back.

The 'adult store', just like us, The Vapery - would be extremely reluctant to take back a used 'adult toy', and in fact - would outright refuse to do so, on the grounds that:

a) The returns policy clearly states against it being possible 
b) It would be rather unhygienic to do so 
c) It would cost the store time and money in products that would need to be either disposed, or re-sold at a reduced price to recover costs - should the store decide to (at it's own discretion), accept a return for a partial refund.

SO AS TO SAY (PLEASE READ): The Vapery returns / refund / exchange policy herewith clearly states that...

We will not accept refunds on items on the basis that a Customer simply does not like the purchased product. 

If there is no manufacturer defect, or the purchased item is not acting or behaving abnormally, we will not be liable to offer any refund or exchanges whatsoever. We are a small business, and cannot afford to simply accept returns on items in a situation where the Customer has a case of 'buyers remorse', or did not assess their financial budget prior to the purchase.

(We really do get these cases / requests / expectations - believe it or not, and so - we apologise in advance for the 'blunt' attitude towards these types of scenarios / situations)

Goods returned in opened packaging need to be returned in a condition that is fit for resale, i.e. in an “unused” / “new” condition, if any accessories / extras (e.g. Coils) have been used, the retail cost of these will be deducted, on top of any admin / handling fees (fees can be referenced and are as detailed above in the "General Returns" section).

Consumables will only be considered for return / refund if they have not been opened, and can be proven to have been kept in a cool/dry condition.

All products being shipped back to The Vapery should be carefully packed in protective materials where necessary. The package should include the original order number, and a return address clearly marked. 
Should a product be damaged while being shipped to our offices; The Vapery will not be liable for the damages. It is recommended to insure any items that you send to us.

Kindly confirm with us via a phone call or email before sending an item back for a potential (partial) refund, and we will gladly assist your query should the above/below policy be unclear to your situation.

All products sold by The Vapery are covered by the manufacturer's original warranty, which is at least 3 months from the date of order, unless otherwise stated. Some products have longer manufacturer warranties, and we honour these warranties as well.

Should you have a faulty item, contact us and we'll assist you by providing you with the details for the return process. In this case, the Customer will be responsible for arranging delivery of the faulty item back to The Vapery, but The Vapery will cover the return shipping costs back to the Customer.

In the unlikely event that a product sold by The Vapery is DOA (Dead On Arrival) or becomes faulty within 7 days of the delivery date, we will arrange for a courier to collect the item from you and will cover the shipping costs both ways.

Just another way that we aim to make you shopping experience with us a pleasurable and impressive experience! 

NOTE: As is the nature of electronic devices and the associated supply chain, we will require a minimum of 3-4 working days to assess any items returned to us.

Assessments are performed by a professional technician, and inspections will be made on the device to ensure the device/item has not:

a) Been tampered with / opened in any way. 
b) Been subjected to any form of water / liquid damage. 
c) Been physically / maliciously damaged in any way.

Should any of the above be true in the case of any claim for warranty, refund or return on any item sold by The Vapery, The Vapery reserves the full right to immediately dismiss said claim(s).

Product Exchanges: 
In the event that your product is DEFECTIVE, The Vapery will exchange it as long as it is returned UNUSED, in a 'new' condition, together with it's original packaging and with all product component parts / accessories.

The Vapery are not and will not be liable to accept any returns for any products sold that have been used, and maybe have been physically damaged (e.g. dropped), subjected to liquid / water damages, or any other reason that The Vapery would be further unable to claim a legitimate warranty/refund from their suppliers/original manufacturers.

The Vapery will, however, do it's best to ensure that any faulty devices, etc., are assessed fairly, and that in the case of a legitimate manufacture defect being in question - a solution / replacement / refund is actioned. (Whichever is most favorable to the Customer.)

Return claims must be 'filled in' (submitted via Email or in-person at any of our retail stores, preferably where the unit was originally purchased), within 3 days of receipt of the defective item. Should the unit have been purchased online, shipping charges to return an item back to The Vapery are the Customer's responsibility.

We strongly recommend you insure your package as we are not liable for items that are lost or damaged while in transit.

The Vapery ARE NOT, AND WILL NOT, be held liable to accept returns or complaints for any items damaged through improper use!!!

The Vapery may, under (rare) certain circumstances, consider an exchange of an E-liquid purchased at our store(s), but are not liable to do so.

We do however regret, we cannot, under any circumstances, action a refund/exchange on any consumable items (e.g. e-liquids) once they have been opened!

Slandering of The Vapery brand in a dispute:

We have done and will always continue to do our very best to ensure that both our service, as well as products sold, are of the highest level and quality possible. We will also make the utmost effort to honour all warranty claims, on the condition that they are legitimate, and fall within the scopes of this policy framework document.

We do not expect this to ever become an actual concern / dispute, as we will truly endeavour to resolve all matters diplomatically. Never-the-less:

 The Customer herewith agrees that, should The Vapery together with the Customers 'issue at hand' adhere to the above policy to the best of it's ability, that he/she will under no circumstances be permitted to publish any negative or slandering reviews, comments or feedback on any internet or other public platforms, including but not limited to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), internet forums / blogs, website / website review platforms, print press/media, etc.! 

The Customer hereby agrees that The Vapery will have full authority to perform any counter-measures necessary in the event of the Customer having acted beyond the scope of this policy, and in finality agrees that they have read and understood the policy details as written above.

Please inquire with us to find out more, or if you have any further queries ~ and, as always - VAPE ON!!!

~ The Vapery Management

[Policy Last Updated: 05 April 2017 by Dirk Kristen]