Dinner Lady - Strawberry Custard (60ml)

Dinner Lady (UK Premium)

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Dinner Lady - Strawberry Custard (60ml)

Strawberry Custard by Dinner Lady features a different twist on a classic strawberry custard.

This features sumptuous natural strawberries, along with the creamy custard we all know and love, as well as a luxurious butter caramel to set itself apart.

A ludicrously lovely vape.

Unsurprisingly yes, a strawberry custard flavoured juice.

However, this is something different, and something very, very good. Sweet and creamy custard is mixed in expertly with natural strawberries and as an added kick, butter caramel is thrown into the mix, and it makes all the difference.

This e liquid is what the term all day vape was made for.

Prominent Flavours: Strawberry, Custard, Butter, Caramel

  • 70 VG / 30 PG 
  • 60ml Glass bottle with dropper & child-safe cap.

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